Handy Dandy Links

There are a few links out there that I have found helpful.  Most are repetitive, but here goes:

What is a Sulfite Allergy?

Alcohol Allergy and Intolerances or commonly known around this blog as the Seventh Circle in Hell.

What in tarnation IS a sulfite?

Difference between sulfite and sulfa allergy Potato.  Not Potato.

This guy seems to know a lot….

Sulfites in Bottled Water EGADS!  It’s really true…Dasani water funks up my shizzit

Great Allergy Free Support Group Forum

I really like a good sensitive cookbook. Seriously,  I am so ordering this.

AWESOME COOKBOOK.  I just just ordered this…can’t wait to get it.

For the Chocolate Lovers.  Apparently, All their foods are free of the 8 common food allergens and sulfites.   I found online somewhere that someone said you can eat their chocolate.

AllergyLiving.com Utterly Fantastic site and forum

Some sufferers have to worry about sulphas in meds and costmetics too. But not me.  I don’t think I am allergic to sulfas.  So I go crazy with them.  I can take that stuff and roll it all over my face.  Roll it alllllllll around, mash it up, put it on my head, sit on it, throw it against the wall…NOTHIN’….no hives, no throat closing.  But that’s just how I roll around here.  Bad ass.

GREAT NEW WEBSITE My buddy Tracy’s site and my Sulfite-free Guru

Sulfites and Sugar

Nice chart

Another fact chart

Yummy dried fruit website!

Housemouse site is helpful…

Info about bottled water…this is great info…some bottled water really affects me.

If you have any links to add, please let know know and I will update.

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