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Let’s Play the “Can I Have?” Game!

Hello, hello, hello….and thank you for stopping in to play” the “what the hell can I eat” game!!!

Round one starts like this: I am just going to throw a list out into the world…and anyone who knows the answer, let me know.  This is how clueless I am.  This list may grow from time to time, so keep coming back to check and see if anyone has helped….if you have any questions yourself, you sulfite-free heads, let me know in the comment section and I will try to find out for you.

Are these things sulfite-free?

goat cheese



agave nectar



La Croix (or any carbonated water)

any pop?  At ALL?


all berries?

fresh beets

xanthan gum

potato starch

tapioca starch Registered & Protected


Go Ahead. KICK ME. KICK ME when I’m down!

I started scouring the internet yesterday for support groups and forums so I can make some pals.  Mommy needs a sulfite-free playgroup.  So I find a couple of really cool allergen sufferer sites, mostly food allergy based.  Lots of celiac, tree nut, daily intolerance, ya know.  I post my little “YAY!  Glad I found you! I have this blah blah life is so hard blah blah poor me blah blah and HEY!  check out my new blog, trying to start a little support network!”


From one of the coolest sites, which will remain nameless, because I actually really like the site and hope they won’t BAN me, I got a response form a moderator.  She informs me that my first post was deleted because I was advertising my business.  DENIED.  I was virtually sent to my room in a time out with a box of wine and portobello mushroom chips.

I read this, btw, on my Droid after I reached for it at 6am this morning-half asleep, so basically, I was forum-slapped while my ass was still in bed.  Good Morning, Vietnam!

My favorite part about this is that I typed this whole long fricken’ sob story reply to the moderator (which takes me about 20 minutes to hen peck type) on the little teeeny weeeeeny Droid keyboard (that I have learned to hate with a passion) and then I hit the wrong button and delete the whole reply.  %&*#$%%^^&**&(^&(*(*(^#$

*Update 8:39 am…the cool site is It’s a fantastic site.  The Mod is tres cool and I am not banned from the premises.  At least not yet.


Last night, I spent a couple of hours making food for the next few days.  Some chicken on the barbie….and a HUGE vat of potato and kale salad to last me for the next few days.  I was SO proud of my preparation.  You KNOW this girl is a total spaz in the kitchen, so it was a big deal.

Thor was at Alpha’s baseball game with Cracker.  I fell asleep putting Bambi to bed last night and I left everything sitting there rotting overnight on the stove.  Found it this morning when I woke up and came downstairs.


I defy anyone to try to stop me from still eating that crap today for lunch.  Food poisoning: BRING.IT.ON. Registered & Protected

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Crazed sulfite-free woman.

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