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Hello lovelies…

This is a friendly service reminder to READ ALL LABELS.  Even on things you think are ok.  I love those Odwalla juices and can have most of them, if they don’t have garlic.  I picked up a gallon of the Mango Smoothie and pretty much downed the whole thing last Weds.  By 2am, I elevated in my bed screaming in excruciating pain.  My left shoulder was horribly swollen and I couldn’t move it an inch without yelping and the fingertips on my right hand were swollen, hot, inflamed and itchy.   HELLO.  Looked on the label of the juice and there amid all the good stuff I could eat was the word, “COCONUT.”  Eek.

I am finally feeling better, it took a good three days to get it out of my system but it was a bit traumatizing.  I think now that I have cleaned my body of everything,  my reactions are a lot stronger.  That, or the have jsut really excalated now.  Anyway, I am keeping a list of all the big allergens and I suggest all you sufferers do the same.

Hans, The Neck Mass

So I have this bump on my neck and I have had it for about 8 months.  I have named him “Hans” It’s getting bigger so a nice surgeon is going to knock me out in a few days to get it the hell out of my body.  Is it a cyst, a mass, a wonky node and tumor that is slowly crawling up in my brain and making me act blonder than I am?  Who knows…we will see.  I just don’t want to look at it.  I had a friend who used to have fatty deposit things removed from his body and he would specifically ask the doctor to put them in a little vial so he could take them home and gross me out.  I love that guy.  I am sure everything will be fine.  HOWEVER,   If one more person tells me not to freak out and everything will be fine, I am going to smack them and tell them that when they have large bump in the back of their neck, then can do the same.  Let me freak out.  It’s my nature.  So wish me luck on my little surgical adventure and let’s hope I get some good drugs for the pain.  YEEE HHAAAAAA! Registered & Protected

Heather Moran

Crazed sulfite-free woman.

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