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I can’t have WHAT?

What I will try not to do in this blog.  Whine.

What I will try to do in this blog:  post helpful lists for fellow sulfite intolerant people…maybe some recipes…helpful tips when I finally figure out some.

Hi, my name is Heather and I have a sulfite allergy.  I have decided to do this blog because (1) this allergy is pretty rare and there is just not a lot of info out there.  (2) I can never find enough platforms to write stupid things.

So, yes, there is not a lot of  information out there in the WWW.  There are a few generic lists of things you CAN’T eat, but if you are anything like me, you need lists of ideas…I look in my fridge and I am like, WTF.  Most of everything in there, I can’t eat.

Oh yeah,  and I can’t cook for shi-

You know what?  I think I am going to try to NOT swear in this blog and try to, for once, not be offensive.  Great.  Another thing I have to give up.

See…that’s what I feel like now…I am giving up this and that and wine and booze and cheese and garlic…and I feel really pissed about it, but part of why I am doing this is to GET POSITIVE!

Good things:

*I will feel better and be able to move my limbs.

*I will lose weight.

*I will learn how two cook more than 4 things.

*I will meet other fellow sufferers and be able to commiserate/bitch bitch bitch.

*I will be able to help other people who suffer from this random and harsh allergy.

*I will be able to write this time off as one other thing that i do for my “business”.

I have a big job ahead of me, but I’m rather scrappy, so the odds are good that this blog will rock.

SO, thanks for peeking in…I hope that you will join my blog and that you might find some entertainment every once in awhile.  I am planning on taking pictures of the horrible cooking that I do, so that right there is worth the admission of a ticket. Registered & Protected

Heather Moran

Crazed sulfite-free woman.

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