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Cinnamon. Identify Yourself.

I was talking to my neighbor friend yesterday.   Her one year old baby girl has a lot of food allergies and we were commiserating.  And we started to talk about cinnamon and then we were like, “What the hell is it?”  I mean, really.  It freaks me out.   Does it grow on a tree?  Up from the ground?  It’s all rolled up…how did it get like that?  It’s so delish.  It’s one of my favorite flavors.  But after obsessively thinking bout it at 4am, it clearly needs to be identified so I can move on.   I had to google it to even learn how to spell the fricken’ world, so let’s find out.

DAYUM!  It’s a TREE!  An Evergreen TREE!

Who. Knew.

The inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree, harvested during the rainy season when piable and then dried into curls sold as sticks or ground into a powder.With its warm, sweet flavor, cinnamon is one of the biggest workhorses on the spice shelf. Cooks often use it to flavor baked goods and drinks, but cinnamon also works wonders in stews and sauces. The best cinnamon is Ceylon cinnamon = canela = Sri Lanka cinnamon = true cinnamon. Indonesian cinnamon has a similar taste, but larger quills. Much of the cinnamon sold in the United States is cassia cinnamon, which isn’t as well regarded.

A.) It’s dried.  So there is a sulfite red flag for me right there.  What is the “process”.  Is it even something I  can eat?  Buzzkill.

B.) I just remembered airport Cinabon’s.  Add that to the mourn list. Registered & Protected

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