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When in doubt, post kale.

Well, hello there.

I have been an absentee blogger.  Bad blogger, BAD BLOGGER.

I have mostly been trying to wrap my head around this whole business of my rheumatoid arthritis, which has hit me like a mack truck.  And, what to do with this blog.  LOL

I mean, I definitely have an allergy to sulfites that makes my RA worse.  But this site seems to be geared towards sulfitenots and lately all I really want to focus in is the RA crap and I don’t want to bore anyone.  More than I usually do.

So I thought, I would just re-invent this blog to meet both needs.  And the RA peeps are gonna have to deal with the sulfite stuff and the sulfitenots are going to have to deal with the RA crap.

And the sharks and the jets are gonna have to play nice at the park.

I found a recipe that involves kale because it’s sulfite-free and the antioxidants are huge in helping to fight RA.  Will post it in the recipe section.

I feel like I have gotten into a pretty good routine with my no-sulfite eating lately.  I definitely am not getting the major attacks as I used to, partly because I know how to check everything now and also, friends and family are being really supportive.  Everyone has been really conscious and caring about what I can and cannot eat and it has made a huge difference.

There is still the pink elephant in the room question looming around all the time though:

Do I truly have this allergy or is it just my RA?

My Rheumatologist kind of doesn’t believe me.  LOL  Like, I love her, she is so cool and doing an amazing job with me, but when I bring it up, she looks like this

And in her cute french accent, she looks at me with a slide glance and says, “I don’t know about all of that.”

but I DO!  I DO know!  I eat something and 4 hours later, something bad happens.  OK, so there is no test.  But that should be enough, right?

We need to find someone, somewhere, some dr or allergist who will hurry up and make a test so we can all take it!

Let’s go one step further, people!  We need our own ribbon!  But instead of it being pink or red, white and blue, or yellow, maybe it should look like this:

Wear it proudly, sulfitenots!  (Don’t stab yourself putting it on.)


ok, I have to run.  But I also wanted to tell you that I got a Cuisinart breadmaker for my birthday and it’s AH.MAY.ZING.

Before I got it, I had bread pimps out there in the world for me…minions who would grab the Breadsmith bread that I can eat that you can only get Whole Foods or stores that are not near me and I would have to have them store it in their freezers.  But now I can make my own and it’s sooooo easy!  Who would have thunk that this blonde can make hot, succulent, steamy rosemary bread?

That’s it.  Have to go make a batch right now.

Huge snow storm coming to Chicagoland tomorrow…Stay warm!




I Lerve Groupon


So, hi.

How are you?

I’m fine.

Just got back from doing some shows in Wisconsin.

I had an omelette Saturday morning and it virtually killed me.

But it was fricken TASTY.

What else is going on with you?

So, check this out…


Organic food for cheapy cheap!

If I had any money, I would get it for myself, but I don’t, so you get it!

I try to buy as much organic food as I can, especially produce, but it breaks the bank, know what I mean?  Plus, there are some fruits and veggies that you just don’t need to bother with in my opinion.

Here is my DO buy list:

Peaches, apples, cherries, bell peppers, celery, strawberries, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, raspberries, carrots

and my DON’T BOTHER list:

avocado, corn, pineapple, mango, asparagus , eggplant, all melons, broccoli, bananas, cauliflower, squash

I mean, if I could, I would buy all of these things.

If I could, I would also take a bath made entirely out of butter, but we can’t afford these things, can we?

Check this out…I ran across this somewhere, don’t ask me, I have 693 window tabs open right now…

all these organic foods are actually made by the same people that make Heinz canned baked beans and chicklets.  CHICK-EH-LETS!  CHICK-EH-LETS! CHICK-EH-LETS!

It’s all complicated.  The organics game. Too complicated at least for this blond.  Like, for example, these organic companies HERE are actually owned by Hain Celestial who are in some cahoots with Heinz.

I mean, would I rather grow everything in my backyard and then have some cows and goats and chickens and make everything myself?  Well, I would not mind the garden.  But yeah, not ready to deal with the other stuff.  If I think about the fact that chicken pops an egg out of it’s ass, then I can’t really get the gumption to put an egg in my mouth.  And I am NOT going to touch anything that just came from a chicken ass.

So these big corporations that say that they only deal in organics are actually hanging out having big boy drinks and rubbing elbows with the “bad guys” who make chipped beef in a can.

Then I ask myself, why do I care?  I mean, I should.  I have children.  I make them put all this food in their mouth.

Do you?

And now I have to go clean my house and make dinner, do the homework and get Alpha to lacrosse practice.  So i’ll blow off thinking about this for now.  It’ll pop back into my steroid scrambled brain at 3:47am.  Mark my words.


Raise the towel or throw in the towel?

…and now here I sit with no sense of humor.

It’s a dark place, the land of “nothing is funny.”

Most people don’t like it when I visit this ridiculous world of doom because I am not entertaining.  So the people who want nothing to do with any Heather except funny Heather, please move along, as there is nothing to see here.

This post is for me and for the people who feel completely helpless with this allergy i.e. feel like no one can help us.

Today, I am glad I can use my hands and type.  I couldn’t move either one of them since Sunday, so this is a nice change.  I was able to henpeck a few things here and there, but mostly, I could hardly make Alpha and Cracker’s school lunches, go to the bathroom, put my hair in a ponytail, brush my teeth, put the straw in a Capri Sun for Bambi, drive my car, sign my name on the ambulance release form…YUP.  YUP, YUP.

Ya heard me.  Ambulance release form.

Because I made a fool of myself swooning and dropping to the floor of my local library.  Here I am, limping from swollen feet, one hand immobile and wrapped, the other swollen like a blow-fish trying to hold a newly released novel… and I drop. It’s a long story and I don’t feel like telling it again.  Let’s just say that they blamed it on my allergy that no one seems to not be able to tell me anything about and gave me instructions to follow up with my doctor.

I am like, done.  Every other day I think I can do this.  I feel empowered, that I am going to be able to deal with this.  This nut I can crack.  I can’t EAT it, for the love of God, but I can try to crack it.  I can figure out things that I can eat and I can trust that a label is telling me the truth and I can find a few moments in my day when I am not taking care of the entire free WORLD but myself, but I am failing.  I am bad at it.  I am defeated.


I have wads of kleenex around my keyboard because I was just blubbering like a baby to try to call Chicagoland allergy doctor’s offices to see if they know anything about a sulfite allergy.  The problem is that I just can’t seem to get past the uncaring, bitchy, rude and uninterested, crass, annoyed and unfeeling people that answer the phone.   I don’t need to here one more person making me feel like shit.  I want no more long pauses after I state my case and then a very unexcited, “hold please.”  (And I KNOW they are doing this)

Annoyed, "WTF are you talking about and you are bothering me" eye-roll.

"What the hell is a sulfite."

I get that no one knows what this is.  I understand that I need to breathe and smile at every eye-rolling waitress when I divulge my true food allergy doesn’t contain the words “gluten” or “peanut.” I understand that no one has heard of this or doesn’t know what the hell it is.  I GET IT.  But, unfortunately, I am LIVING it and if people think it’s a hard pill to swallow, imagine me actually having to swallow the pill every day.

I call allergists offices to see if I can possibly find someone with a heart to inquire with a doctor if they have ever heard of a sulfite allergy.  Is it something that they can treat?   Do they know of someone that might know someone that might have any kind of clue as to what this is?  Because I can say, with all the determination that I can muster, this is ruining my life.  Can they help me with that?  Anyone?   Anyone?


I will now leap off this pity party of a soap box.  I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.  I will remove my sense of humor hat that is crushed under my shoe and put it back on.  I will try to regain my vigilance in helping myself and others through this horrible disability that we have to live with and so that we can move on.

But I have to put my mark out in the world for all 4 people who will read this and say that I know what it’s like to not be heard, to have no one to listen to you and to not be understood.  Life is swirling around all of us with everyone living theirs so I guess the best thing we can do is hug ourselves and try to protect ourselves the best we can.

This is a society that doesn’t know the dangers of sulfites or what they are probably doing to them and their children.  I mean Jimminy Crickets, do you know how annoying it is to type the word sulfite all day and spell checker has to point out that it doesn’t even know what the hell it is?  My screen is constantly aglow with squiggly angry red lines!

OK, so back to work.  We have holiday parties coming up that we need to chat about and prepare for and more food options and recipes to find.  We need some serious “turn-this-frown-upside-down” action around here STAT.  So let me end this post on a high note with a food allergy joke.  I am giving credit to another blogger that I lifted this from because I thought it was cute and I like that they were trying to find some humor from the insanity so here is her link

Q) Did you hear about the Frenchman who could only count to seven?
A) He had a huit allergy.

Onward and upward.

XO Registered & Protected


I’ll Trade You One Onion and a Garlic for…

I am really missing stuff that makes my breath reek.

Along with some surprising veggies that have high contents of sulfites like mushrooms, olives and beets, onions and garlic are also two things that effect me very severely.  I am still doing research on all of this, but I did find some useful information on the topic…check ‘er out.  This is from

Cooking Without Onions and Garlic:

Onions and garlic are two of the most commonly used alliums, a group of closely related plants in the lily family. (Leeks, scallions, and shallots are other alliums with culinary uses.) While they are not among the more common food allergens, there are reported cases of IgE-mediated food allergies to alliums. In addition to those who avoid garlic due to IgE-mediated food allergies, many people find that these foods irritate conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or that they have food intolerances that can be triggered by these foods. Cooking without them can be difficult. Here are some strategies.

How Garlic and Onions Are Used in Cooking:

Garlic and onions are often used in cooking as aromatics — foods that add a savory aroma and flavor to other dishes. They’re found in cuisines from around the world, making it difficult to avoid them by sticking to foods from a certain geographical area. Often, garlic and onions are added at the very beginning of cooking to mellow their flavors before building a sauce, soup, or other complex dish.

Leaving Garlic and Onions Out:

Can you just leave the garlic and onions out of a recipe? Sometimes. You’ll usually get acceptable results — it’s not the same as leaving eggs out of a cake. However, most people would find some recipes unacceptably bland. Consider adapting the recipe with a substitute rather than simply dropping the alliums if:

  • Onions or garlic are the only flavoring in the recipe;
  • Onions or garlic are a major part of the recipe; or
  • Onions or garlic are used raw or lightly cooked.

In these situations, the flavor of onion or garlic may be critical to a delicious dish. Most of the time, though, you can find a good substitute.

Aromatics Beyond Onions and Garlic:

No unrelated vegetable has quite the same taste as onions or garlic. But some aromatics that may be safe for your allergies are good options for cooking:

  • Fennel has a licorice-like taste but onion-like texture. Try it with chicken or fish.
  • Celery is among the most common aromatics.
  • Bell peppers are often used in Cajun cooking. Green peppers and celery are a good base for rice dishes or savory stews.
  • Carrots are used as an aromatic in French cooking in combination with celery.
  • Celeriac, or celery root, is the knobby root of one variety of celery. Peeled and diced, it can be used as an aromatic in sauces or stews.
Herbs and Spices for Onion and Garlic-Free Cooking:

Garlic chives, an herb with a garlicky flavor, are an obvious substitute, but be careful if you’re managing a true food allergy: chives are in the allium family. Ask your allergist before eating them.  I don’t know if I can do chives or not.  I have not tested them out yet.


Captain and Tenille

Peaches and Cream

Siegfried and Roy

I am pretty sure I am allergic to all of them.

Yes, we all know I am new to cooking, blah, ditty blah, blah…so my experience with using spices is limited.  I am really branching out, Blanche.  In my garden and/or in pots on my back stoop, I am growing the following:  basil, dill, cilantro, sage, rosemary, thyme, can’t stop thinking about Simon and Garfunkel, mint and what I thought was parsley, but I now I think it’s a weed.  (Still using it anyway.)

I am actually finding ways to use everything!  Nana Toad even reminded me that I can dry everything by leaving it out on the kitchen counter overnight and store it for winter.  BRILLIANT!

These are some of the ways I am finding to use the spices.  Please feel free to add onto this post if people have any other ideas.

Basil: salad dressings, marinades, pasta dishes, avocado mayo

Cilantro: beans and rice, chicken tacos

Rosemary: homemade potato fries, marinades

Mint:  Heatherita drinks, ice water

Dill: marinades, tilapia flavoring, sandwiches, salad dressings, my Heather of the hour de vourz (recipe coming soon.)

Sage, Thyme and the Parsley that is really a weed: seasoning to make my weekly chicken and broth….

My project for next week is to take a bunch of the herbs and start drying them for winter.  Maybe I can freeze some of them?

I have questions:  (Tracy!!! Oh, Tracy!!!)


How the heck do I get my hands on spices that are sulfite free, like cumin or cinnamon and nutmeg?  I need help with all of that.  I am going crazy without cumin.  That word looks dirty.

Over and out. Registered & Protected


F*ck it. I’ll Just Drink Beer.

And the food travel test is over.

Grade:  D-

Dude.  That was brutal.

Part of the problem with all of this is that I have three children and I am in a constant state of crazy.  So Thor and I had the best intentions of packing all this great stuff for me.  But at the eleventh hour, pretty much all that ended up tossed in the travel food bag was a bag of pretzels, a few raisins and non organic apples.  None of which I can eat. I did manage to pack up a tiny cooker of the following:

Fresh dill, goat cheese, some avocados, a bag of kettle chips for munchies, sliced cucumbers and a load of yummy Breadsmith french bread. And some honey.  Which I never used and it leaked all over my bag.  THUMP.

This is an overview of how the meals went:

Friday night, get to hotel, check in, see our lacrosse family friends and everyone says, “Let’s get mexican!!”  Ole.  Great.

First of all, the waitress was so very fricken pissed that we showed up with 6 parents and 15 very loud, obnoxious, hungry and pumped up little lacrosse players.  And 2 whiny girls.   So when I politely say that I have a food allergy, she hated me pretty much from the starting gate.

I had the bartender make me a Heatherita, which was fabulous and got me through the next 14 minutes until I got my second Heatherita.   I ordered fish tacos, with NO SPICING and a side of fresh avocado.  I swear to God that when she dumped, and I mean, dropped,  that plate in front of me, that fish was covered with crap on it.  But we couldn’t tell if it was just…grill stuff…or not.  This is the problem.  People don’t realize that even cooking it on the grill with residual stuff can maim me for like 2 days.  But I was so terribly hungry and at this point, increasingly buzzed, so I ate it.  Did I mention that they made fresh table side guac there?  Sadists.  Then they put this HUGE bowl with the chips and salsa I can’t eat right in front of me.  Satanists.

It’s at this point, I realize that I can’t do this.  How am I going to do this? For the rest of my life?

I jsut sat there, ate my fish taco, drank my Heatherita, pouted and looked pretty.  That was all I could do.

The next morning I woke up and my right had looked like this…

It’s fine. Whatever.  Brought the wrist brace.

We stayed at one of those Courtyard Marriott’s that includes the breakfast.  I had brought with me in a baggie some Honey puffed Kashi cereal that I can eat, so I happily had a bowl of that with an orange and that worked out really well.  I wanted a bagel and cream cheese and bacon, but I resisted the pout urge and forced myself to be perky, spunky and full of life.

Ok, let me set up the scenario.  Alpha was in a tournament with some of the top little lacrosse players in the Midwest.  We were in Brown Deer, Wisconsin and there where 14 fields of games going on all day Saturday.  It was so freakin steamy and not an ounce of shade.  Cracker and Bambi were hot, sweaty little messes and pretty pissed to be there.  So after the second game, everyone say’s “Let’s go to Culver’s!”  I wanted to say, “F*ck you”.  But I didn’t.   It’s not their fault.  So everyone went and ate butter burgers while I sat in the car with the air conditioning cranked with my lil’ knife and cutting board, my fresh dill in a baggie (DORK), my goat cheese and sliced cukes/carrots and had a mini cracker sandwich/pity party.  It really wasn’t so bad.  I did have one friend peek in the window at me and laugh but that was to be expected. And she has the allergy too.  So she sympathizes.

Thor was a sweetie for packing something adult I could drink and I ended up chugging a couple of Sierra Nevada’s out of the cooler, so that took the edge off.  Oh yeah!  REALLY great idea  to drink those and then stand in the hot beating sun for a few hours.

Other notable meal issues:

One of my high school BFFs lived 15 minutes from where we were and and another HS BFF was visiting her as well, so Sat night we went over to their gorgeous glass house on Lake Michigan.  Such a blast!  IT was so fantastic to see everyone.  They were grilling kabobs, which were already marinated, so I just made myself ANOTHER goat cheese, cuke, dill, carrot sandwich.  And as my dear friend and I were eating in her back deck overlooking the magnifient lake on a perfect night, I looked down and noticed that most of the sandwich I was eating was made of moldy bread.  GAG  GAG GAG GAG GAG GAG

I cry.

The next day, we were supposed to have at least 2 more games and the weather was horrible so the rest of the tourney was cancelled.  We were planning to stay on as a family and attend Milwaukee’s Summerfest.  I was of course dreading what I would eat there and at this point I was out of all food except a few pieces of  moldy bread.

So we went to Cheescake factory for lunch.  AGGGGHHHHHHKKKKK

I was nothing short of a hot mess looking at the menu.  I opted for a steak, some rice and sauteed spinach.

This was the food that surrounded me:

Alpha – breaded shrimp and the yummiest, sluttiest coleslaw I have ever seen.

Bambi and Cracker – A seductively ridiculous mound of homemade mac and cheese.

Thor  – Don’t even get me started with Thor.  He ate for four people.  And then he ate Alpha’s coleslaw.  And he had a pile of garlic mashed potatoes  like this And every time he took a bite out of something, he would moan with delight.  I swear I was seconds from stabbing him in the neck with my fork.

My steak was clearly mistaken for one of the actual Stanley Cup hockey pucks.  And my bland rice and spinach just made me cry.  But there was a very big plus.  They had Sierra Nevada.  So I said, “F*ck it.  I’ll just drink beer.”

Seriously, it wasn’t THAT bad.   I did have pita chip crackers and some fresh berries that I would pop in my mouth every once in awhile and one time, I peeled an avocado and ate it like an apple.  It definitely is okay in the every day routine but the hardest is eating out in restaurants.  It’s such a random allergy that waitstaff are like, “What?”  And I don’t think anyone really takes it seriously.   And trying to eat anything at a fest or something like Great America, the best thing you can do is scope out the roasted corn and drink a ton of water.  I cheated with a few Blue Moons but there was an orange slice in it, so I faked myself out.  I am paying for it a little now, but all in all, I am a survivor WHAT I’m not gonna give up WHAT I’m not gon’ stop WHAT I’m gonna work harder WHAT.

Werd. Registered & Protected


The food at Great America may have killed me

Oh my LORD there is nothing but crap to eat at Great America.

We had an awesome day with Thor and the little ones…but I was hungry, yo and everyone was rubbing up against me with their whipped cream-covered funnel cakes and there churros and there huge ass misshapen beef and cheddar sammies and their fricken’ cheese pretzels.  I kept circling the Southwest Territory for a hummus and baby carrot stand or perhaps a grilled eggplant and fresh herb garden vender, but hell NO.  Great America=not sulfite-free.   I was hot, smelly and hungry and I did NOT look attractive.  Luckily, no one else did either.

So here are the things I cheated with today.  It is virtually impossible to have a sulfite allergy at an amusement park:

*Cold Stone creamery strawberry pie ice cream.

*an unsalted pretzel.  Man, that sucked.  What a waste of a cheat.  I wasn’t even inspired enough to eat a quarter of it.  It was all hard and bland.  I think I left it on the table.  It’s probably still there if you want it.

*I took a few sips of the kids multiple varieties of Icee flavors.  All tasted like fruit flavored piss.

*Fresh corn on the cob with butter.  Actually, I don’t think that was cheating.  But the butter was probably made out of melted bubble wrap so I will add that to the list.

*1 bite of Maggie’s chicken nugget from the Wendy’s stop on the way home.  (I had a plain baked potato.  All that did was just further piss me off.)

Oh yeah, speaking of Wendy’s.  Our gorgeous, sweet, funny, well-behaved and enthusiastic children today basically suffered from borderline child abuse due to the crap that we made them eat today.

McDonald’s for breakfast….GA pizza for lunch….random unmentionables across the park, (costing us, by the way,  somewhere in the neighborhood of ONE MILLION DOLLARS) and Wendy’s for dinner on the way home.

Going to crawl in bed after I wash my Great America feet, kiss my perfect father husband Thor and pray that I can move my extremities in the morning.  Those funnel cakes looked slutty, though.  Mmmmmmmm…..

This guy is annoying and I'm glad I didn't bump into him

update 1:15pm June 21, 2010

The food at Great America did not kill me. Registered & Protected


The Return of the Heatherita.

My cousins Blanche and Astroguy have added a drink to their barracho’s Basement Bar menu recently, called the “Heatherita”

It’s tequila with Fresca, a ton of ice and fresh squeezed lime.  It’s the perfect summer refreshing drink.  Sadly, one of the first reactions I had was from tequila so I had to stop drinking them, but the cocktail lives on, still consumed by millions.  (or the 4 people in their basement.)

Last night, out with another cousin, aka Runnermom, I was up in arms about what to drink. We were sitting outside after a huge storm at the tiki bar at a local restaurant on the lake by my house.  It was a gorgeous night.  I told the bartender of my allergy and he surprisingly didn’t roll his eyes.  They didn’t serve Sierra Nevada outside because it was in a bottle, but he could try to make a 1800 tequila concoction for me outside.  He actually had agave nectar out there, which was very cool…so he put a shot of the tequila over the ice, some agave, squeezed a bunch of limes and topped it with a little water and it was good…it was…a HEATHERITA!

YAY!  I can drink at a bar!

Then we were getting the buzz munchies so I looked at their menu and saw fish tacos.  I reminded the bartender that I had this allergy but as long as they put ecerything on the side, I should be ok.  Then the manager of the restaurant actually came out to talk to me and was SO sweet.  She made sure to ask me all about my allergy and they brought out the tacos.

DAYUM.  The mahi mahi was covered with seasoning.  I forgot to tell them not to put anything on it.  My bad.  It came with these really nice na’an bread thingies so I just ate that with some fresh avocado and it was ok, but it really was my fault.  Oh well, it’s a learning process for me and now I know…at least I had good company and my cocktail…. Registered & Protected


Go Ahead. KICK ME. KICK ME when I’m down!

I started scouring the internet yesterday for support groups and forums so I can make some pals.  Mommy needs a sulfite-free playgroup.  So I find a couple of really cool allergen sufferer sites, mostly food allergy based.  Lots of celiac, tree nut, daily intolerance, ya know.  I post my little “YAY!  Glad I found you! I have this blah blah life is so hard blah blah poor me blah blah and HEY!  check out my new blog, trying to start a little support network!”


From one of the coolest sites, which will remain nameless, because I actually really like the site and hope they won’t BAN me, I got a response form a moderator.  She informs me that my first post was deleted because I was advertising my business.  DENIED.  I was virtually sent to my room in a time out with a box of wine and portobello mushroom chips.

I read this, btw, on my Droid after I reached for it at 6am this morning-half asleep, so basically, I was forum-slapped while my ass was still in bed.  Good Morning, Vietnam!

My favorite part about this is that I typed this whole long fricken’ sob story reply to the moderator (which takes me about 20 minutes to hen peck type) on the little teeeny weeeeeny Droid keyboard (that I have learned to hate with a passion) and then I hit the wrong button and delete the whole reply.  %&*#$%%^^&**&(^&(*(*(^#$

*Update 8:39 am…the cool site is It’s a fantastic site.  The Mod is tres cool and I am not banned from the premises.  At least not yet.


Last night, I spent a couple of hours making food for the next few days.  Some chicken on the barbie….and a HUGE vat of potato and kale salad to last me for the next few days.  I was SO proud of my preparation.  You KNOW this girl is a total spaz in the kitchen, so it was a big deal.

Thor was at Alpha’s baseball game with Cracker.  I fell asleep putting Bambi to bed last night and I left everything sitting there rotting overnight on the stove.  Found it this morning when I woke up and came downstairs.


I defy anyone to try to stop me from still eating that crap today for lunch.  Food poisoning: BRING.IT.ON. Registered & Protected


Fill That Cooler.

One of the hardest things about this hellatiously annoying new eating regimen is that I can’t really eat out.  If I am hungry and running around the kids this summer, I can’t just stop at a fast food place and get something.  Subway doesn’t even really work.  Me skipping that fast food burger isn’t actually a bad thing (RENT SUPERSIZE ME) but it’s also a huge PITA.  This summer I also watch my beloved 8 year old nephew a.k.a.NerfKid, so the car is full of 4 children and people need entertainment STAT.  For instance,  today I am taking them to my mom’s house to go swimming at their pool and so I need to plan for two meals.  I can’t really drink much besides water so that’s not a big deal, but I will throw some salad and homemade dressing in there and make a chicken/avacado sammie…some fresh fruit and maybe some of those yummy Costco pita chips Thor got me.  That should hold me through to later on tonight…I also have some of those Lara bars if I get really hungry….I can also throw that stuff in my mom’s fridge but for those days that I am going to be running around the whole time, I bought a bunch of those coolers thingies that you freeze.  What are those things called.  Cooler freezie thingies.

I have lost 11 pounds in a month.  That’s pretty awesome.  I have about 956 more pounds to go before I get to my ideal weight, but I should be in a bikini by 2017.  After the Lypo.

Right now, and this happens to me every single morning, I don’t know what the hell to eat.  Breakfast is the worst.  I am already  getting really sick of the very selected menu that I have.  Need to find out more morning options.  Cecille suggested muffins, must get recipe.  I guess I will have a banana and pretend it’s cheese fries.

I started a new medicine for high cholesterol a few nights ago and I think I have almost died consecutively for the last three nights.  It makes my heart beat to the rhythm of a Red Hot Chili Pepper song.  It actually hurts and from 11pm to 4am, I lie awake and curse myself for not writing out my plans for my funeral, since I am convinced I am going to die in bed.  Today I rejoice at life, albeit with a sleep hangover.  Thor is more than slightly exasperated, especially after the 12th time I grabbed his hand and made him feel my heart busting out in my chest.  That is NOT what he wants me to do with his hand when I happen to grab it in bed at 2:30 in the morning.  Need to call Dr. Uke and run that by him.

I am in a good mood today though, despite almost stroking out last night.  We switched over from Comcast to Direct TV yesterday and nobody in all of Oz, no wizard that there ever was, is ever gonna bring me down because I have cable in my kitchen.  It’s almost a sexual feeling to be able to watch movies while I am cooking.

A friend on FB suggested that I check out a new magazine called “ Living Without”.  I think I will check it out,  but I am sure that there is not a lot of recipes and info on the sulfite allergy, which seems almost more restrictive than gluten free or no dairy…what is annoying is that you have to subscribe and pay like $36 a year or something and I am not sure that it is even worth it with this allergy, but I will probably check it out and let you all know if it’s worth it.

I usually shop at Trader Joe’s and the Jewel.  But the Jewel has a sucky selection of organic produce.  Whole Foods a.k.a. Whole Paycheck is shopgasmic but OMG so expensive.  I went there the other day to get some staples like rice cheese and agave nectar.  I ended up getting a few things more.  I was in there for almost 2 hours, and had about 4 panic attacks.  It was tweaking me out to have to read every label and then have to put it back because I couldn’t eat it.  When I got to the counter, I had a daynightmare that I karate chopped the check out guy after he told me I spend over $200 on 4 bags of groceries.  I didn’t chop him in the shoulder blade for reals, but I wanted to.  Dominick’s is almost as bad as Whole Paycheck but it’s closer.  I need to go to fresh markets, today I am hitting the Grayslake farmer’s market on the way home and pick of a few things.  That is what I learned that I have to do too…shop lightly for myself every couple of days.  Look at me.  Fancy, fancy.  Check me out.  SO European.

Gotta go…Bambi needs me to glue the head back on Wedding Groom Ken.  Again. Registered & Protected


Handy Dandy Links

There are a few links out there that I have found helpful.  Most are repetitive, but here goes:

What is a Sulfite Allergy?

Alcohol Allergy and Intolerances or commonly known around this blog as the Seventh Circle in Hell.

What in tarnation IS a sulfite?

Difference between sulfite and sulfa allergy Potato.  Not Potato.

This guy seems to know a lot….

Sulfites in Bottled Water EGADS!  It’s really true…Dasani water funks up my shizzit

Great Allergy Free Support Group Forum

I really like a good sensitive cookbook. Seriously,  I am so ordering this.

AWESOME COOKBOOK.  I just just ordered this…can’t wait to get it.

For the Chocolate Lovers.  Apparently, All their foods are free of the 8 common food allergens and sulfites.   I found online somewhere that someone said you can eat their chocolate. Utterly Fantastic site and forum

Some sufferers have to worry about sulphas in meds and costmetics too. But not me.  I don’t think I am allergic to sulfas.  So I go crazy with them.  I can take that stuff and roll it all over my face.  Roll it alllllllll around, mash it up, put it on my head, sit on it, throw it against the wall…NOTHIN’….no hives, no throat closing.  But that’s just how I roll around here.  Bad ass.

GREAT NEW WEBSITE My buddy Tracy’s site and my Sulfite-free Guru

Sulfites and Sugar

Nice chart

Another fact chart

Yummy dried fruit website!

Housemouse site is helpful…

Info about bottled water…this is great info…some bottled water really affects me.

If you have any links to add, please let know know and I will update. Registered & Protected

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